About Us

The Sumner Foundation was launched on 18 August 1993 and  in 1996, a name change was made to include Ferrymead in the “catchment area”, and renamed as The Sumner Ferrymead Foundation (SFF).

It was the dream of a former Sumner resident, Dora Grut (nee Neville) who moved to Vancouver, Canada in the early 1990s, when she wrote to her brother Dick in Sumner, saying she had become aware of the Vancouver Foundation. She suggested that a trust be created so any donations be given to worthy groups and individuals in the community, and graciously made a donation of $10,000.

The SFF, was modelled on the Vancouver Foundation - which was established to assist Canadian soldiers prepare for a new life after returning from WW II. The principal idea was that donations be given to those prepared to help themselves.

Many sections of the community have benefited, including donations for education, music, youth, arts & entertainment, the environment, health & welfare, and sport & recreation.

The SFF is a Charitable Trust and is required to file an Annual Tax Return with the Charities Commission, detailing its fundraising, and any administration costs.

Voluntary service ensures the capital is preserved and overheads minimised.