To Donate

As a registered charity with the Charities Commission (Register Number: cc36209) any donation is Tax deductable.

Every donation will go towards building a more vibrant and liveable community, and ensure its continued growth and success.

This growth will be accomplished by utilising the ideas, generosity and donations of caring residents and groups.

Who can donate:

Any person, family or organisation, can make gifts or bequests of money or property to the SFF ( See this form  to make a donation.

Specific and Discretionary Donations

As a donor, you can specify how your donation may be used, either as a:

Specific donation for a specific cause  OR

As a discretionary donation to build the Fund

Only interest gained from investments is paid out by the Foundation.

As the Foundation Investment base grows, community groups' and individuals prosper.

The Rewards:

Any donation will be appreciated and will make a difference to enhance our community:

To Donate:

If you would like to speak to someone in confidence about a donation please phone our secretary.

Donations may be made by posting a single or periodic cheque to our secretary or by internet online banking.

To donate online:

The SFF bank account number is: 031355  0723712 00

A Bequest:

Is a very easy way to support the SFF, and will provide support, long after the bequest has been received.

Wording guideline: The following wording may be used in a Will for a bequest to the SFF.

"I give and bequeath $.................   (or)  .............% of my estate (or) residue of my estate (or) property assets as follows, to the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, for the specified or discretionary purpose of the Foundation. A receipt taken by my Trustee as being given on behalf of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation will be a complete discharge to my Trustee for the legacy.


A Codicil:

If your Will has been completed, and you would still like to make a bequest, you can simply add a "Codicil" to your Will (approved by your legal advisor) outlining your request.