2022 Scholarship Recipient: Ella Lewis-Sandford

Ella with her co-sponsors John Christensen (Sumner Ferrymead Foundation) and Brendan McKenna (SBS)


    $5000 for the Outward Bound Classic 21-day Course.


    SBS and the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation
Where are you working / what & where are you studying?

I work as a cycle skills instructor for the Christchurch city council and a Surf Instructor for stoked surf school

What do you think you will be doing in 5 years time?

While I can’t say exactly what I will be doing in 5 years.  I know it will include what I love. The outdoors, exercise and instructing others.

What do you like doing in your down time?

Well, I don’t seem to have a lot of downtime :) this is probably because I’m always off running, skiing, surf lifesaving, playing football or catching up with my friends.

What do you love about living in the Sumner Ferrymead community?

Having been a surf instructor in Sumner for the past seven years I have gotten to know so many families and watch their children grow up. That community spirit is what I love the most about our area. It’s great to walk down the street and to have a really close relationship with so many people.

Message to your sponsor?

If you had asked me six months ago if I would be preparing to go on Outward Bound I would have said no way. 21 days away from home without my phone not knowing what’s going to happen each day is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone. But I’m really going to embrace this opportunity and I know it’s going to help me step out of my comfort zone and other areas of my life so thanks very much. I’m really looking forward to this journey and feel privilege that I was chosen to be the 2022 recipient.