2022 Scholarship Recipient: Te Awa Kura Barnett Park

Te Awa Kura Barnett Park with Jane Paterson, Chair of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation. This award was sponsored by a Sumner resident.


    $3000 Environmental / Sustainability Award.


    A Sumner resident who wishes to remain anonymous
Objective of Te Ara Kura Barnett Park?

Our goal is to encourage the regeneration of the Te Awa Kura valley. This includes three activities: removing weeds, removing predators and planting natives.

What would (ideally) the park look like in 5 years time? 10 years time? 30 years time?

The big picture vision is walking up the valley through a bush canopy accompanied by bird song and swooping kereru.

What will you use the award for?

The group has two planning steps in mind.

      1. An assessment of the valley’s ecological, cultural and social values.
      2. Drawing up a plan for the park, including costings. We will have a clear plan of what the park will look like in 5, 10 and 30 years time.

    We are going to use the funds towards the initial step. We would love Sumner Ferrymead Foundation to be onboard as a partner, to help fundraise for the park, but understand that we need to have a clear plan in mind, before we can do so. So that is our focus.

    Message to your sponsor?

    We would love to thank the sponsor.  Thank you for your kind donation towards regenerating Te Awa Kura Barnett Park. These funds will go towards developing a plan for the park. In particular, we would like to have clear understanding of what we have in the park, so we plant appropriate species.