2023 Scholarship Recipient: Zack Waite

Zack Waite


    $5000 scholarship for a 2nd year student studying the sciences at university


    A Redcliffs resident who wishes to remain anonymous

I am second year tertiary student, studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury.

My career path is centred around a key goal, to contribute to solving important societal problems with exciting innovative technology! I’m not sure I will be quite there within 5 years. However, I see myself in a role helping me to build the relevant experience and skills to reach a level which I can dedicate my efforts to projects I will enjoy. This could look like a role at a startup getting the feel for beginning to end product creation, or being a part of a dynamic team at an established innovative firm.

I love taking an active relaxing approach during my spare time. You might spot me running along summit road, out the back at sumner beach or at the hockey turf. I also love a hit at tennis down at the Redcliffs Tennis Club, with a fierce inter-family tennis matchup. I enjoy nothing more than competing and a bit of banter, meaning you would find me most evenings down at the UC basketball courts, or at my flat table playing cards.

The Sumner/Ferrymead community couldn’t cater any better to a ‘do-ers’ or a ‘chillers’ lifestyle. The multitude of high performance sporting opportunities, and the spider web of trails in the port hills fulfil all your active needs. Or a morning of serenity on Sumner beach or a sun soaked cafe is never further then a five minute drive. This combination of relaxation and activity has certainly cultivated my love for all parts of the community, and scenery.

To the Redcliffs resident who sponsored the award, the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation Trustees and others who make these scholarships possible, I can’t thank you enough for your support and the impact you have on the community.