About Us

Our Purpose

We’re a unique charitable trust supporting a wide range of interests and segments of our local community. We’ve helped purchase cycling gear for Olympic hopefuls, assisted others to compete internationally, and provided scholarships in the sciences and humanities; we’ve bought equipment for the local cricket, hockey and yacht clubs; and we’ve supported local schools, the Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade and Sumner Lifeboat Institute - we’re open to anything that meets the Foundation’s criteria and helps our people and our community thrive.

Our Aims:

  • to become an established community resource supporting youth activities; education health and welfare; the arts, culture and sport; and any worthwhile purpose approved by the trustees;
  • to accept and invest discretionary donations for enhancing community wellbeing; and
  • to accept and use funds donated specifically for a nominated cause.

Our History

Back in the early 90’s former Sumner resident Dora Grut (nee Neville) had a vision for our beautiful coastal community. Based on a similar organisation in her new home town of Vancouver Canada, she provided initial funding for local business people to form the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation for the betterment of their community and its people.

Since then our Foundation has been able to help many in our area achieve their dreams by giving a helping hand along the way in education, the arts, environment, health, sport and recreation to name a few, enabling people to thrive and their ambitions to be realised.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:

A community where financial barriers don’t limit the enjoyment or achievement of its residents.

Our Mission:

Locals helping locals for the betterment of the Sumner Ferrymead community and its residents.

Our Values:
  • Commitment - We are committed to the Sumner Ferrymead community;
  • Pride - We want to foster community pride;
  • Achievement - We want our community to succeed in both their individual, team and organisational pursuits; and
  • Green - We want to foster our community’s environmental awareness.

Our Catchment - area of service

The catchment area for the foundation is bordered by the Tunnel Rd, the Summit Rd and Taylors Mistake and includes Ferrymead, Heathcote, Brookhaven, Mt Pleasant, Redcliffs, Sumner and Taylors Mistake.

Specifically, the catchment area is defined as the area bounded by Taylors Mistake in the east, the Sumner and Redcliffs waterfront, the south side of Humphreys Drive up to SH74. The east side of the SH74 to the Lyttelton tunnel, the Bridle Path up to the Summit Rd, left along the Summit Rd and down to Taylors Mistake.

Want to read our Constitution?

The constitution for the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation can be found on the Charities Commission Register CC36209 at www.register.charities.govt.nz

What’s the story behind our logo?

Our logo was designed by Stephen McCarthy (www.mcarthy.studio) and this is how it evolved ...

The emblem takes its cue from a central point rippling out through the community. Whether it’s a donor giving money to the cause, or an individual’s life being changed for the good, it starts at the centre at moves out.

The icon formed from this idea takes it cues from lighthouse lights and prisms. A lighthouse guides the way knowing the path ahead. It has the ability to shine a light forward and guide a vessel to safety. It's much like the work of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation and the donors who so generously give to our cause.

The logo for the Foundation subtly references this idea.