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The Sumner Foundation was launched on 18 August 1993 and in 1996 renamed as The Sumner Ferrymead Foundation (SFF) when the catchment area was adjusted.

It was the dream of a former Sumner resident, Dora Grut (nee Neville) who moved to Vancouver, Canada in the early 1990s, to form a local community foundation for Sumner. She suggested that a trust be created along the lines of the Vancouver Foundation so any donations could be given to worthy groups and individuals in the community. She graciously made a donation of $10,000 when it was launched.

The Vancouver Foundation was established to assist Canadian soldiers and families of those killed prepare for a new life after returning from WW II.

To date many sections of our community have benefited, including donations for education, music, youth, arts & entertainment, the environment, health & welfare, and sport & recreation.

The SFF is a Charitable Trust and is required to file an Annual Return with the Charities Commission.

Our generous sponsors include ...

Our Aim's are ...

  • To provide leadership in the community for good charitable causes.
  • To support youth activities, health and welfare, the arts, culture and sport and any worthwhile activities approved by the board.
  • To accept and invest funds in a DiscretionaryFund to be available to any of the above groups and worthwhile activity.
  • To accept funds and provided they are charitable, apply those funds for a specific purpose nominated by any donor.
  • Catchment Area

    Community Testimonials

    Our People


    Allan Williams (Patron)

    Allan is a retired, highly respected, Christchurch businessman, having spent many years in the trucking industry, and who held numerous directorships. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, past President of the NZ Chamber of Commerce, was the German Consul General for many years, and a generous benefactor to many organisations.

    John Taylor (Chairman)

    John has lived in the Sumner/Redcliffs area since 1960 and has had a long association with several community service organisations. He is the Ferrymead Rotary Club representative of SFF. John is a licensed real estate agent with Livingstone Realty Ltd, and is an avid sports fan and keen recreational cyclist.

    Barry Geddes (Treasurer)

    Barry is a professional aircraft engineer, aviation consultant and company director, with extensive New Zealand and International business management experience. Barry is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society; a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management; and holds a number of Trusteeships.

    John Christensen

    A Redcliffs resident all his life and following his schooling at Christchurch Boys High School, John studied Engineering at University, he worked for the former Heathcote Council and then the Selwyn District Council where he is the Environmental Services Manager. Well known in Hockey circles as he was a member of the NZ Mens Hockey Team from 1968 - 1976, a three time Olympian, and capped his career being a member of the Gold Medal winning team at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

    Julie Cunningham

    Julie was an original member of the "steering committee" and past chair of the Foundation. She represents the Sumner Community Centre and is well known in the Sumner/Redcliffs area for her community involvement, as a successful real estate agent in Sumner for many years, a television broadcaster and a Trustee of the Court Theatre.

    Ken Jones

    Ken is a local business consultant, has lived in Sumner for many years and has been a bach‐holder for many years at Taylors Mistake, where he has contributed hugely to the development of the Surf Lifesaving Club, including 11 years as Club President, and was recognised with a Life Membership. He successfully established the Cranford Street, Placemakers building supply centre, which he sold several years ago. Ken's commercial skill set and experience will be invaluable to the Foundation

    Jim Keegan LL.B

    Jim is a consultant, and former partner with prominent South Island law firm, Cavell Leitch. His considerable legal expertise and commercial business experience is of great benefit to the Foundation.

    Jane Paterson

    Jane has worked in senior management roles in both NZ and Australia, primarily in the health industry, and was a Director of a large not-for-profit in Australia. Since returning to NZ, she has volunteered across a number of different sectors and in varying capacities.


    Daniel O'Carrol

    133 Mt Pleasant Road,
    Mt Pleasant, Christchurch 8081
    Ph: 021 288 1871
    Email: info@sumnerferrymeadfoundation.co.nz


    As a registered charity with the Charities Commission (Register Number: cc36209), so any donation is tax deductable.

    Who can donate?

    Any person, family or organisation, can make gifts or bequests of money or property to the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation (SFF). See this form to make a donation.

    Specific and Discretionary Donations

    A Specific Donation means you can specify how your donation may be used, for a specific cause. A Discretionary Donation is one which helps the Investment Fund with only the interest gained from the fund being paid out by the Foundation.

    The Rewards

    Any donation will be appreciated and will make a difference to enhance our community:

    To Donate

    If you would like to speak to someone in confidence about a donation please phone our secretary.

    Donations may be made by posting a single or periodic cheque to our secretary or by internet online banking.

    The SFF bank account number is: 03 1355 0723712 00

    A Bequest

    Is a very easy way to support the SFF, and will provide support, long after the bequest has been received.

    Wording guideline: The following wording may be used in a Will for a bequest to the SFF.

    "I give and bequeath $................. (or) .............% of my estate (or) residue of my estate (or) property assets as follows, to the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, for the specified or discretionary purpose of the Foundation. A receipt taken by my Trustee as being given on behalf of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation will be a complete discharge to my Trustee for the legacy.

  • NAME:
  • A Codicil

    If your Will has been completed, and you would still like to make a bequest, you can simply add a "Codicil" to your Will (approved by your legal advisor) outlining your request.

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