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KidsFirst Kindergartens Playground Equipment

The happy sounds of children playing together on their latest piece of outdoor equipement is the first thing you notice as you walk into KidsFirst Kindergartens Sumner. Thanks to fundrasing and grants, the Kindergarten is redeveloping and upgrading their outdoor playground.

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Predator Free Redcliffs: Making it a Reality

Back in 2015, the then Prime Minister announced a goal of eradicating all non-native predators – primarily rats, possums and stoats as they inflict the worst damage - by 2050 in order to protect the country’s indigenous wildlife. Predator Free Redcliffs is proud to be part of achieving that goal!

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Our 2021 Scholarships. The future's in good hands!

Meet this year’s winners of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation’s three academic scholarships – for university students studying the sciences, health sciences and the humanities. Despite the challenges facing not just NZ but the world in general, you are left feeling the future is in good hands.

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