24/7 AED's on the Sumner Esplanade

Dave Passmore (L) and John Taylor (R) with the AED at Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club.

Want to update your first aid skills? Dave is a registered first aid instructor and runs a one day first aid course as well as the mini course. Please visit his website at www.firstaidcourses.co.nz for further information.

Auto external defibrillators – or AEDs – are found on many premises, but what happens when they are closed, after all, heart attacks happen at any time of the day. Sumner resident Dave Passmore, of Passmore First Aid (www.firstaidcourses.co.nz), was concerned about the lack of AEDs that could be readily accessed any time of the day along the Esplanade.

As an experienced ER nurse and first aid trainer he has seen the difference an AED can make to patients when suffering a heart attack. So, in Dave’s typical energetic style, he decided he had to do something about it.

Dave had heard about the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation so decided to approach them to see if they could fund an AED to be placed at the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club to compliment another one outside the café by the clock tower.

"I felt we needed to have one at each end of the Esplanade as time is critical when someone is having a heart attack. Even if someone is midway along the Esplanade it wouldn’t take long for a bystander to sprint to the closest end to access the AED. The AED is in a locked box; you just dial 111 and clearly state the address to get the code to unlock the box."

John Taylor, former Chair of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, commented "When Dave approached us to fund the AED, it was a logical decision to support the application. If it saves just one life it’s were worth every cent. How can you place a value on a life saved? This was one application that did not require much debate!"

Sumner Ferrymead Foundation trustee, Jane Paterson, attended one of Dave Passmore’s mini-courses on CPR/AED once the AED had been installed. "Whilst many of us have done a CPR course, it is really important we all familiarise ourselves with how to access and use the AEDs. Those placed on the Esplanade talk you through what to do, so as long as you keep a calm head the process is quite straight forward. I would encourage anyone to update their CPR training so they know what to do in the unfortunate case of someone having a heart attack. You always hope you will never have to perform CPD but I have a couple of friends who have had to, so it is important to keep your skills current."