2023 Applications are now Open

In January 2023, applications for scholarships are now open. These are awards made to people in tertiary education and training to help them with the cost of their studies. These people may be at university or perhaps doing an apprenticeship for a trade. The awards are for amounts between $2,000 and $5,000.

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This will be the third year that the Sumner-Ferrymead Foundation has granted scholarships. Last year we gave awards to people who were studying:

  • Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Commerce, finance and marketing
  • We also gave grants for the cost of attendance at Outward Bound courses and an Environmental/Sustainability award. In addition, we have made two awards to apprentices to help purchase tools for their trades. In 2023 we expect to make a new set of awards in all areas.

    Most of these awards are sponsored by companies and individuals. For example, the award for the commerce student was sponsored by FANZ Private Wealth (a subsidiary of SBS Bank). Courtesy of FANZ Private Wealth, the student received a grant of $2,500 to help with tuition fees and was also given a 10-week paid internship with FANZ Private Wealth.

    While some of these awards are made from the resources of the Sumner-Ferrymead Foundation, most are from individuals and companies: Viv Cotter, Alan Williams and Viki Brinkman have been most generous, as have RJ Begg and Associates Ltd, SBS Bank and FANZ Private Wealth. We continue to look for new sponsors of these awards.

    Most of the scholarship awards are for second year students and are paid when students pass their courses. Last year the panel members who interviewed the applicants were delighted with the quality of the people who had applied. For example, we had intended to make grants for only one apprenticeship - but the two people who applied were so impressive and worthy that we decided to help them both!

    These scholarships and awards are an excellent example of locals helping locals and they have been so successful that we hope to continue to extend them. We would encourage people in training and tertiary education to look at the awards early next year to see what is on offer. We have already helped people with their cost of education, and we expect to help many more. Keep your eye out for applications to open in January.