Celebrating 30 years with $30,000 in Community Grants

The Sumner Ferrymead Foundation is celebrating 30 years serving the local community, and to mark the occasion they are offering grants to groups, clubs, and organisations within the Foundations catchment area – from Taylors Mistake through to Mt Pleasant, around to Heathcote and across to Brookhaven. There are four grants valued at $5000 each and one at $10,000.

When the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation was first formed it waited for individuals and organisations request assistance,” said Chair, Martin Hawes. “Today we are taking a more proactive approach, offering individual scholarships and awards like the primary school Puawai Awards, the academic and outward bound scholarships, or the apprentice and environment awards. And this year we are offering the five community grants to celebrate our 30-year milestone.

Applications are sought from a wide range of clubs, groups and organisations. They might be looking for a grant to improve sporting facilities or the health and physical wellbeing of the community, to help arts & culture to flourish, to encourage and support learning and development at all ages, or to encourage a cleaner greener environment in our community. Applicants should go to the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation website – www.sumnerferrymeadfoundation.co.nz - to download an application form and submit it before April 22nd 2024.

The recipients of the community grants will be recognised at a community event in July. “It will be a great opportunity to acknowledge those that are making a significant contribution to our community,” said Hawes. “The recipients of the Scholarships and Awards Programme will also be recognised at the same event. We are fortunate that we have sponsors for the Scholarships and Awards programme so we can offer it every year. Ideally we would love to find sponsors for the Community Grants Programme so we can offer that every year too.” If you would like to know more about sponsoring a community grant, or a scholarship or award for an individual, please contact the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation.