Greening Te Awa Kura Barnett Park

Weed group at Barnett Park

Cave and waterfall at Barnett Park

Last month, the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation gave a grant to Te Awa Kura Barnett Park Regreening Group. The grant was to a group we had previously supported – their vision is to restore the Barnett Park Valley with a native forest running from Sea to Summit.

The result would be a valley full of native plants: a wet land dominated with kahikatea on the flat land beyond the dog walking area, through mature trees and plants running past the caves and up through the bluffs to the top. The valley would have walking tracks and be the home to many species of native birds and lizards.

The final version of this green oasis will be magnificent. Final completion may be 30 or 40 years hence (it will take time for some of the big trees to reach maturity) but, well before that time, there will be an asset that will be enjoyed by many people, both local and visitors. As a place to walk and recreate, as a place for tui, bellbirds, kereru, skinks and geckos, and as a place to be, on fruition it will be a grand addition to the facilities in our area.

To do this, the Te Awa Kura Regreening Group need to do three main things:

      1. Kill and control weeds (especially Banana Passionfruit, Pigs Ear and Boneseed)
      2. Trap and prevent predators
      3. Plant

    The group has already made a good start on all three of these tasks and there has been plenty of hard work to date - but, to realise the full vision they will need more help, both financially and with people-power. The Sumner Ferrymead Foundation will certainly help as resources allow and, at some point when all is ready, we will look to raise funds to give the project a major boost.

    In the meantime, we have most recently granted funds to help with planning. In doing so we recognise that this is a bold, long-term vision - and a most worthy one.