Locals helping Locals … It's been a big year!

Sumner with Sumner Ferrymead Foundation Treasurer Barry Geddes (inset)

It's been a big year for the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation in so many ways. The Trustees wanted to raise the profile of the Foundation to increase the number of requests for funding and the number of donations, so they worked with local creative Stephen McCarthy to revamp the look of the brand. The new brand was used to launch a range of scholarships and awards, and to develop new collateral to promote the work of the Foundation.

"As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of grants we have given out this year which is gratifying on so many levels," said Treasurer Barry Geddes. "It's been a tough year so it's pleasing to see that the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation helping more locals, and it also means more people are becoming aware of the work of the Foundation."

However one thing hasn't changed …. It's still locals helping locals. The Foundation's grants all go to locals, the trustees are all locals, and this year all donations came from locals or former locals too. "And that is our project for this coming year" said Geddes, "asking locals to donate to their local charity so they can help us to help others."

People can give a donation for a nominated project (e.g. sponsoring a specific scholarship) or it can be a discretionary donation which is where the trustees use the donation to fund grants, scholarships and awards for residents in the catchment area.

There is also the option to leave a bequest which is where you leave instructions in your will about your donation. "I'd be happy to chat to anyone if they have any queries, as would any trustee" said Geddes.

Meanwhile, there are a number of locals – individuals, clubs, schools and the community - who are benefiting from the work of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation. Support this year has gone to competitive cyclist Amelia Sykes for her new wheels, Taylors Mistake Surf Club for their community engagement project, Redcliffs School for new books for their MSL programme and Sumner Community Residents Association for the HERO awards, to name just a few.