Primary School Awards for Year 8 Students

L to R: Luke Jansen, Lotta Bennett and Maddison Parker

The Sumner Ferrymead Foundation is launching range of scholarships and awards. The first one is the primary school awards for year 8 students.

Over the years the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation has helped purchase cycling gear for Olympic hopefuls and assisted others to compete internationally. They’ve also bought equipment for the local cricket, hockey and yacht clubs, as well as supported local schools, the Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade and Sumner Lifeboat Institute – to name a few.

However in 2019 the Foundation decided to introduce a range of scholarships and awards – for year 8 students at primary schools, for 2nd year university students, for those wanting to attend Outward Bound and for those with a passion for caring for our environment.

"We welcome any request for assistance that meets the Foundation’s criteria, and that helps our people and our community thrive. However it is time to add another string to our bow. The scholarships and awards are an exciting new development" said John Taylor, former Chair of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation.

The Foundation worked with Redcliffs School to introduce the Te Raekuru Puawai (flourish) Awards. Three Year 8 students received an award to be used for educational purposes: Luke Jansen, Lotta Bennett and Maddison Parker where the fortunate recipients. Whilst all three are heading to different high schools next year, and all have completely different subjects they love (sport, reading and maths respectively), they do have one thing in common – they all want to put the money towards the purchase of a new computer.

John Christensen, a trustee of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, commented "The Foundation is keen to expand the award to other primary schools that fall within our catchment area. Transitioning from primary to secondary school is not an inexpensive exercise for parents so if the Foundation can help with educational grant, then it makes total sense. I am delighted the awards are being used for purchasing technology."