Recognising kids who’ve flourished

L to R: Jane Paterson, Zak Tucker-Mowbray, Chris Nord

L to R: Kawa Kemp, Harriet Holden Brooke Sykes

As schools close for the year, year 8 students are saying goodbye to primary school and thinking about the transition to high school; some with excitement and some with a little bit of trepidation. And the parents are thinking about the transition too because its not an inexpensive exercise with need for new uniforms, new technology etc.

Last year the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation introduced the Puawai Award to recognise students who have flourished in the final year of primary school. The $500 award is to help with the expenses associated with starting at a new school.

Te Kura O Paeraki Mt Pleasant School students Brooke Sykes and Zak Tucker-Mowbray received a pleasant surprise when the Chair of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, Jane Paterson, arrived to present them with their Awards. Chris Nord, the school’s principal commented "It’s great to have an award that recognises students who have done really well. Normally awards tend to recognise the top students but this award recognises students who have excelled in their own way."

Brooke is off to Avonside Girls High School. Her favourite subjects are art and writing and when not at school she loves to bake, create and chill. Zak is heading to Linwood High School. His favourite subjects are everything except maths, and his interests include coding, gaming and skate boarding.

Te Reakura/Redcliffs School students, Kawa Kemp and Harriet Holden were the recipients their school’s Puawai Award. Like last year’s recipients, both think they will use the award to purchase laptops. Kawa, who’s a talented sportsman, is off to Shirley High School. "My favourite subjects at school are maths and sport, but outside school I spent all my time playing sport" he said. Harriet is going to Kaiapoi High School. A keen horse rider, her favourite subjects at school are writing and PE.

The primary school Puawai Award is one of a series of awards and scholarships the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation provides to schools and students residing within its catchment area. In January applications will reopen for academic scholarships, Outward Bound scholarships and an environmental/sustainability award. "The Foundation is keen to support our youth; they are our future", said Jane. "We are continually looking to expand the number of schools that participate in the Puawai Awards, and the number of scholarships we can offer. The scholarships are particularly exciting as we have individuals and organisations within our community who sponsor them; a great example of locals helping locals. And that’s what the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation is all about."