Local Scholarships and Awards Programme Expands

Recipients of 2021 Scholarships and Awards programme with Mr. Allan Williams, Patron of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation.

In 2021 the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation successfully launched its scholarships and awards programme, and this year the programme has expanded to provide even more opportunities for residents in the Foundation’s catchment area.

Last year the Foundation offered a range of academic scholarships, outward bound scholarships and an environmental award. This year there are two further opportunities: an apprentice award and an academic scholarship that includes a paid internship.

Jane Paterson, Chair of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, said the scholarships and awards programme was a great example of locals helping locals. "Many of the scholarships and awards are sponsored by either local residents or businesses in the local area. Its particularly gratifying to see former sponsors staying involved and new sponsors coming on board."

"We would love to continue to expand the programme, both in the range and number of scholarships and awards. Imagine if we had 4 apprentice awards - for those training to be carpenters, plumbers, electricians and motor mechanics for example – instead of one. Mind you, we are thrilled we have at least one award this year thanks to the generosity of our Patron, Mr. Allan Williams. We’d love people in the community who have successful businesses to offer an award because we have frequently been told how young apprentices need to buy a range of not inexpensive tools soon after starting their apprenticeship."

"An exciting development this year is the offer of a scholarship plus paid internship with FANZ Private Wealth. This is another concept we would like to develop further; it would be a great opportunity for other businesses, such as legal and accounting firms, to attract key talent."

John Christensen, a trustee of the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation, has been a driving force in the scholarships and awards programme. "When I look at the calibre of the students who won the academic scholarships last year, well it’s impressive! They have submitted their 2021 exam results – which are outstanding – to claim their $5000 grants. If the Foundation, via the sponsors, can take some financial pressure of a student, it’s got to be a good thing."

Eligibility criteria and applications forms for the scholarships and awards can be found on the Sumner Ferrymead Foundation website www.sumnerferrymeadfoundation.co.nz. Applications close on April 15th 2022.