2022 Recipient Completes Internship

Tom with his sponsors, Graham Duston and Kelly McNamara from FANZ

Moncks Bay student, Tom Jones applied for a scholarship from the Sumner-Ferrymead early last year. Tom had already completed his first year at Otago University where he studied Politics, Economics and, Philosophy. He had done well in his first year and he hopes to end up with a double degree – in economics and arts.

Tom estimated that his course fees would be approximately $8-9,000 per anum and, to alleviate the financial load, he applied to the Sumner-Ferrymead Foundation for a Scholarship. After submitting his application and suffering an interview with some Trustees of the Foundation (actually the interview session is made as easy as possible and is not especially gruelling!) Tom won a Scholarship for $2,500.

Better still, the Scholarship came with a 10-week paid Internship with SBS Wealth. Tom is now working for SBS Wealth over the summer holidays, being paid to gain experience and add to his CV.

SBS Wealth is a subsidiary of SBS Bank, it is a Financial Advice Provider and has been giving goals-based financial advice, and managing funds for the last 20 years. As such, Tom will get a good look at the workings of a financial advice organisation, learn about funds management and possibly gain some insights into SBS Wealth’s parent organisation, SBS Bank. This may be invaluable when Tom graduates and starts to think about the direction of his future career.

Tom Jones impressed the Foundation trustees. He came with an excellent testimonial from his school where he did well scholastically, and in sport and drama, a good all-rounder! He did well in his first year at University and was keen to continue on the Arts and Economics pathway.

In 2022, Tom did a wide range of subjects: Microeconomics, Intermediate Chinese, Interpreting Business Data, and more. This all-rounder should leave University with a broad education that could take him anywhere.

As with most of the Scholarships that the Sumner-Ferrymead Foundation grants, Tom did not get his funding immediately. Tom had to wait until the end of the University year and show that he had passed his subjects (which he did).

Another of these Commerce Scholarships is available now along with a paid 10-week Internship at SBS Wealth. In addition, there are Scholarships available in most other academic fields.

Applications close on 2 April 2023 for all our Academic and Outward Bound Scholarships as well as our Apprenticeship Award. Details can be found at www.sumnerferrymeadfoundation.co.nz