2023 Award Recipient: Summit Road Society

Marie Gray accepting on behalf of the Summit Road Society


    $3000 Environmental / Sustainability Award


    A Sumner resident who wishes to remain anonymous

Predator Free Port Hills is a backyard and community trapping programme which aims to eliminate rats, possums and mustelids from the Port Hills and Lyttelton Harbour by 2050. Our vision is to protect native species and to see their populations flourish in our neighbourhoods, local parks and reserves, farmland and bush areas.

The funds will be used to support our Sumner Bays community area (Heathcote to Taylor's Mistake): funding two community trap building days, giving away native shrubs to boost backyard biodiversity and supporting a trial of the DOC150 trap out of the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market to increase captures of mustelids in particular.

In 5 years time, we aim to have 4000 households trapping on the Port Hills and in 10 years time, we want to see landscape-scale predator control across the entire Port Hills and our birdlife flourishing.

We are very grateful to the sponsor for their vision and foresight in sponsoring the Environment Award. We are facing a biodiversity crisis and many of our birds, lizards and insects are on the verge of extinction. The financial support offered by the award will enable us to take practical action to restore habitat and reduce predator numbers in the Sumner Bays area so that our native fauna can thrive.